I Was A Bride Once Upon a Time, That's Not Why I am a Planner Though

You have Instagram… therefore you are a photographer.

You listen to music… therefore you are a DJ.

You were a bride… therefore you are a planner.

You also own shoes… Are you Lebron???

Too often people think that they can figure it out. They can wing it. Or worst of all they think that it's all the same; a party is a party. Now in our sixth year of event planning I am still finding my way in terms of the persona of my business, the clientele I want to be working with, the areas I want to focus on, and the team I want behind me. When you are taking part in planning your own wedding or friends events you are still very detached from the real realm of wedding coordination. You are meant to be a bride/groom/parent first and foremost. We aren't a bunch of kiddos that just LOVE PARTIES, we are professionals in this industry and we want you to have the best experience possible, and let me tell you there is a learning curve and true skill to event planning and coordination. 

It isn't about us reliving our own day or taking over yours. It is all about making your story shine through and make sure that you have the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy each and every bit of the process.

In truth parties are trendy and starting your own business is hip.  And that is unfortunate sometimes. But rest assured having the right team behind you in your own planning is the single most important part of the process. And we can help get you there! 

To all the bride and grooms out there. When selecting your vendors look for a few key things – passion for their craft,  enthusiasm, experience within the field, creativity and  natural skill. We all start some where on this spectrum of abilities but it is those who back it up with business savvy that succeed and make the process that much for stress free for you. 

I had a wedding but that’s not why I am here.

I am here because I am thrilled to help you execute yours. This is about you and that is what MB is all about. Just you and your story. 


Imagery from Emily Steffen Photography