The Funny, The Wild, and The Unforgettable Volume #1

Every wedding without fail there is a guest, vendor, or client that asks us... 


"What is the craziest thing you have ever seen???"

We could write a book one day on the crazy that we have had to bare witness to. Out of respect to clients I will certainly NEVER tell you which or who's wedding because in some cases the bride and groom may not even know it happened but in coming weeks I will recount some of our absolute favorite stories. Enjoy... grab some popcorn. 

#1 -- FULL DISCLOSURE this was not our wedding but told to us by another vendor who dealt with it and I still think about it constantly!!

It began with a couple whom unfortunately had to call off their wedding, as they sometimes do sadly but one week before the original date that was held they said it was back on.  The vendor got a call apologizing and seeing if there was any possibility they could still make it work, and per a small miracle it worked out and they still could perform their services. The bride that had called thanked him profusely and said go ahead and take the full deposit for services then and I will send along the timeline. Great! Happy ending right? Wrong.

One day later the groom calls asking, "Why had you taken X deposit yesterday? Did we not communicate that unfortunately the wedding was off? Was there an error?" Confused the vendor asked, "WHAT? Your fiance called yesterday and said it was on." Silence on the other line. The groom angrily retorted, "Well that explains why more than $20k was taken out of my accounts yesterday." The bride had called each vendor and told them the wedding was back on knowing that her fiance's credit card was on file and told them to take their full deposits. 

Now I do not know if this was spite, pay back, or just plain crazy on the brides part but she certainly did get a message across. Whenever we get a cancellation of a wedding it is always so difficult on the couple and the family we do whatever we can to ease the tension and lighten the load as we understand they are going through something absolutely terrible. Sometimes we even hope for them that they work it out and as time goes on they can rekindle their relationships which brought them to the place of marriage in the first place. In this case however we truly hope they never spoke again. Now I know this vendor friend of mine did give the money back which is tough for a small business owner to do when they go through a back and forth like this but I can tell you we have had wedding cancellations happen in under 24 hours from the "I DO" in the past and they lost every cent. Perhaps this is a story for another time. 

Stay tuned ;)

The Everyday Life of Planner

People have this perception of planners as either

a.   These ultra glam girly girls sipping on martini's and out and about town living some kind of Midwest version of Sex in the City

b.   Extremely uptight never let loose, insanely hyper type A personalities with amazing organization but little personality 

I don't think I have ever fit the mold of a wedding planner. From my youngest memories I have never been an overly girly girl. In my thirties I still have far more male friends than female, my favorite way to relax is to go boxing, and in all honestly when emailing from home I can often be found hair askew (like most days with curly hair), in some form of athletic apparel, and makeup free until I find it absolutely crucial to be seen by the outside world. 

The greatest thing about our company though is that each one of us is SO different. From the mom to the young girl about town. The sorority sister to the camouflage clad four wheeling queen of the outdoors. It takes all kinds to do what we do and it takes a different kind of personality to appeal to each client. We may all have our differences but I can tell you the reality of who each of us are in our own homes are passionate lovers of love. Whether we sit over our computers reading Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings, Wedding Chicks or otherwise we all do it with intensity. One might be decked out in the newest trends, one in yoga pants with toddler Cheeto hand prints down the leg (that's likely me in all honesty) but we are  in love with our jobs. 

Each job has its perks. Though we don't have to despise Monday's as most of you do, you don't have to pick glass out of drunk people feet at midnight every weekend after a dance party. It's email all week and on our feet all weekend. Sunday is still the international day of rest but Monday is the sigh of relief when the feet stop throbbing and our ears stop ringing.

Want to get to know us better? Interested in being a wedding planner? Contact us! We would love to sit and chat over coffee or rose. We can let you in on all those cheeky little behind the scenes stories. And there are many.



I Was A Bride Once Upon a Time, That's Not Why I am a Planner Though

You have Instagram… therefore you are a photographer.

You listen to music… therefore you are a DJ.

You were a bride… therefore you are a planner.

You also own shoes… Are you Lebron???

Too often people think that they can figure it out. They can wing it. Or worst of all they think that it's all the same; a party is a party. Now in our sixth year of event planning I am still finding my way in terms of the persona of my business, the clientele I want to be working with, the areas I want to focus on, and the team I want behind me. When you are taking part in planning your own wedding or friends events you are still very detached from the real realm of wedding coordination. You are meant to be a bride/groom/parent first and foremost. We aren't a bunch of kiddos that just LOVE PARTIES, we are professionals in this industry and we want you to have the best experience possible, and let me tell you there is a learning curve and true skill to event planning and coordination. 

It isn't about us reliving our own day or taking over yours. It is all about making your story shine through and make sure that you have the freedom and peace of mind to enjoy each and every bit of the process.

In truth parties are trendy and starting your own business is hip.  And that is unfortunate sometimes. But rest assured having the right team behind you in your own planning is the single most important part of the process. And we can help get you there! 

To all the bride and grooms out there. When selecting your vendors look for a few key things – passion for their craft,  enthusiasm, experience within the field, creativity and  natural skill. We all start some where on this spectrum of abilities but it is those who back it up with business savvy that succeed and make the process that much for stress free for you. 

I had a wedding but that’s not why I am here.

I am here because I am thrilled to help you execute yours. This is about you and that is what MB is all about. Just you and your story. 


Imagery from Emily Steffen Photography