Our Green Wedding Shoes Feature !

Each and every single time I have paired with Studio 29 Photography we have made absolute magic! She wanted to shoot in Chicago and I had a couple in mind and a location and not much more until we came upon the perfect space. Chez Event Space is a blank slate, the modern loft space gives you the creative freedom to build anything you like. 

Once we created the bright color palate and found the romantic grey tulle gown from Mignonette things snow balled. From the whimsy loose florals created by Persephone Floral to the playful sweets created by Yield Bakehouse we developed a story surrounding Adrienne and Mikail that allowed their personalities to steal the show. 

Each and every shoot gives us pause as it is this golden opportunity to create something that is a direct reflection of the planners vision and not a clients. Its our chance to show people what we are really made of. We are executing our own ideas and no one else's so if it doesn't shine then that is on us. But this shoot.... this was everything I hoped for and more. 

I had tagged these almost boudoir images that I was so thrilled Adrienne was on board to try out with us and a few city shots that were risky to say the least. Ren knocked it out of the park. Adrienne and Mikail needed no coaxing, and things just came together so beautifully. 

These images are amongst my most prized to date. I hope you enjoy them! 

Ashley Kuehnel