How to Hire the Best Vendors


How to Hire the Best Vendors


Ok Google has a crazy amount of information but do you really want to have to sort through all that?

There are tons of sites to show you your wedding vendor options which are organized based on their spending for that advertisement. Do you want to select your vendors based on how much they are willing to spend for you to find them?

We want to help you sort through all the flurry of emails, of advise, of ads, and of garbage out there. If a decade of planning has taught me one thing about finding vendors its taught me that there is no substitute for proper research, asking the right questions, and asking the difficult questions.

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When a vendor wants your money, they will tell you anything.

Sadly when the vendor has your money, that’s when sometimes you see their true colors.

So how can we help you to make sure you aren’t hiring a robot, you aren’t hiring a newbie, you aren’t hiring someone who just created a site or a social profile? How do you make sure the vendor you hire isn’t filing their reviews with friends? How do you make sure the imagery you see is actually there’s? Or that it’s recent?

We want to send you our guide to show you

  • What questions you should be asking each of your vendors

  • What you should be looking for on their sites or social media profiles

  • What you need to be taking into consideration when looking at pricing

  • What you need to ask them about their history in the business

  • What to look for in their contracts

  • What are the best outlets for finding solid vendors

  • How should you gauge their responsiveness and activity in the field

Let us help because if you have the right vendors in place from the get go, the rest of planning will be that much more seamless. If the hiring process was difficult than don’t expect the wedding to be any different.

We want to put you in the best possible position moving forward so that the product and services that show up on the day are precisely what you wanted and what you envisioned!

We got your back!