How to Create Your Timeline

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How to Create Your Timeline


The day is here! Now what?!?

Having a cohesive and well designed timeline is critical to you enjoying your day. You spent so much time planning now let us help you to make sure you actually get the time to enjoy it and you don’t feel pushed and pulled all day.

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Wedding days are SOOOO busy! No matter how laid back you imagine your day to be inviting potentially hundreds of guests to enjoy a ceremony, cocktail hour, dinner, and dance party takes a spectacular amount of planning. Don’t ask people to join you in your most important moments then lead them astray. These are your most loved family and friends who have taken time to spend with you, bought you gifts of congratulations, and have been anticipating your wedding day for months.

Likewise you and your fiancé, your parents have been planning this for such a long time! Allow yourself the space and freedom on the day with a well planned timeline so that you can truly take each piece of the day in.

Do your vendors know when they are to load in?

How early do you have to schedule hair and makeup? When should you be finished?

Do you have to do a first look?

How do you execute a first look and plan for it? How do you make up that time if you don’t?

How many hours do you need your photographer?

How many hours should your dance party carry on?

When will you do your portraits, your family photos, your party pictures?

How long will dinner last?

When should each person speak over dinner?

How do make sure you have time to take it all in?

There are 100’s of questions surrounding the construction of your timeline, let us use more than a decade of wedding experience to show you how to lay it all out and execute it.

We will send you our custom designed template to help guide you through the process of timeline creation and from there how this can be tweaked in those final months of planning to ensure that every vendor knows exactly what you expect of them, where people ought to be, and how things should flow throughout the day.

If you can’t have a planner do it for you one on one let me send you the tools to make sure your wedding is run smoothly and you can be present to enjoy it! What could be more important in the course of planning than making sure when the day comes, you are ready for it?

We got you!