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Tales of a Planner Part 2

You should be ashamed! Here just to revel in the crazy…

Who could blame you? It is the first question we are ever asked. “What is the craziest thing that has ever happened?”


Without a doubt the most surprising thing that had happened occurred in our very first year. It should have sent me running for the hills but alas here I am. :)

We had a lovely couple to be married in a Catholic Church for a early brunch style wedding reception to be held at Olbricht Gardens. As our bride was about to walk down the aisle she was understandably nervous, but hey so was I. It was my first year so who was I to say the degree of which she seemed jittery.


While up at the alter I noticed from the back pew that she was starting to sway. Her hands then rose to her hips as it to brace herself. Not your usual pose in a wedding gown. Getting uneasy in the back I began to gather my emergency kit and twitch around a bit.

Then, like in the movies, the Father said, “Now join hands as we recite your vows.” In that moment the nerves took over, she turned to her soon to be husband and she curled over and… was sick.

Vomit. Vomit on the kneeling pillow.

OH lord I felt terrible for her! I ran to the front with something to cover it, a trash can, and my emergency kit. She was laid out on the ground, dress askew, and her guests standing in the pews scared out of their minds. “Here is some water. Here is a tissue. Here are some mints, rolaids, a trash….” She stopped me. “Don’t do anything.” I stood there confused. “What would you like?” She turned her head “I don’t want anyone to know.”

Poor dear.

I told the videographer and photographer to put their lenses down, soothed the audience a bit and we gave her a moment to collect herself. She finally stood up, they said their vows, and she nearly ran down the aisle.


I asked the groom if there was anything I could do, “No, she does this. She is like a puppy when too excited she gets sick.”

Things I would have LOVED to know.

Suffice to say this was not the glamorous job I imagined. It was not the beautiful carefree day I imagined giving my clients. But I did learn a lesson. Questions I need to ask prior to the day. Things I need clients to be comfortable enough telling me. What I need to pack in my emergency kit.

We have many lessons to be learned in planning and some of these lessons only come with first hand experience. I have plenty of stories. Trust me! But most of the time its nothing quite so exciting. However, I know it really get peoples attention so stay tuned and I will fill you in on a story soon that is definitely NOT PG but it is damn funny!

Enjoy your day y’all!



The Everyday Life of Planner

People have this perception of planners as either

a.   These ultra glam girly girls sipping on martini's and out and about town living some kind of Midwest version of Sex in the City

b.   Extremely uptight never let loose, insanely hyper type A personalities with amazing organization but little personality 

I don't think I have ever fit the mold of a wedding planner. From my youngest memories I have never been an overly girly girl. In my thirties I still have far more male friends than female, my favorite way to relax is to go boxing, and in all honestly when emailing from home I can often be found hair askew (like most days with curly hair), in some form of athletic apparel, and makeup free until I find it absolutely crucial to be seen by the outside world. 

The greatest thing about our company though is that each one of us is SO different. From the mom to the young girl about town. The sorority sister to the camouflage clad four wheeling queen of the outdoors. It takes all kinds to do what we do and it takes a different kind of personality to appeal to each client. We may all have our differences but I can tell you the reality of who each of us are in our own homes are passionate lovers of love. Whether we sit over our computers reading Style Me Pretty, Junebug Weddings, Wedding Chicks or otherwise we all do it with intensity. One might be decked out in the newest trends, one in yoga pants with toddler Cheeto hand prints down the leg (that's likely me in all honesty) but we are  in love with our jobs. 

Each job has its perks. Though we don't have to despise Monday's as most of you do, you don't have to pick glass out of drunk people feet at midnight every weekend after a dance party. It's email all week and on our feet all weekend. Sunday is still the international day of rest but Monday is the sigh of relief when the feet stop throbbing and our ears stop ringing.

Want to get to know us better? Interested in being a wedding planner? Contact us! We would love to sit and chat over coffee or rose. We can let you in on all those cheeky little behind the scenes stories. And there are many.