Hello There! 


Midwestern Bride is a team of totally different personalities so that we can pair our clients with a planner that best suits their story, their location, and their voice. Not everyone wants to be a princess on their day, not everyone wants to be a party animal. Your planner should be someone that you can connect with and build a relationship with. 

 We plan all over the Midwest and beyond for any of those Midwest Couples hoping to get away for a destination event.  (take me with you :)

Its been over 7 years and 300 events and we are constantly learning and trying new things. For each unique couple and event comes a new concept, location, and style. We don't work off of "preferred lists" because in the end that is what we think makes for a cookie cutter experience. The people we love to work with  shouldn't be our automatic recommendations to  you. We take into account each couple and  circumstance for each and every wedding.   

Meet our Gals! 



Hi my name is Ashley and I am the owner and lead planner of MB. After starting our company in Chicago, I then moved to Milwaukee, and now Madison. I go back and forth all over the Midwest and beyond to plan and execute weddings for amazing couples. After graduating from UW-Madison I worked in hospitality management, venue coordination, and event planning for more than 6 years before starting MB.


I knew exactly what I wanted to be doing and I am thrilled to finally be here meeting you. 


When I am not planning events I can be found with my two boys (Grae and Emerson) probably playing dinosaur or climbing a jungle gym, enjoying a rare date with the hubby sipping whiskey or wine (depending on the day I've had), or boxing. I love to bake, I'm food obsessed, and I love what I do. I can't wait to hear from you :)



Hey! My name is Brittany. I've been working with MB for over three years now and executed more than 30 events in and around Chicago and southern Wisconsin. After graduating from Southern Illinois University I worked in wedding planning for another 3 years before meeting Midwestern Bride and its been a great fit.




My style of planning is very personalized, hyper organized, and blended with a bit of fun. Each wedding is totally unique and I love that I am able to be a part of peoples big day! When I am not planning I am probably teaching or taking dance classes, snuggling my dogs or beau, or enjoying the outdoors. Shoot me an email I would love to meet you. xoxo




Hi I am Alexandra and I am in my third year with MB! Ashley and I crossed paths at a wedding event and I told her how much I wanted to get involved in planning. She put me through the ringer and I am so happy to say that since being added to the team I have now completed more than 30 events with her all over Wisconsin. 




I graduated from Concordia University and was working in hospitality management and events for more than 3 years prior to MB. When I am not planning weddings I am a self declared foodie, I love the Packers, and anything with a theme :) I'm a fun loving Wisconsin gal through and through and a total romantic. Tell me about your day, I would love to get to know you. 


Hi my name is Val and I am a lover of all things organized and detailed. I've been with MB for 3 years now and executed weddings in Wisconsin and all over the Chicagoland area. I am a self declared Yogi (I like to practice at least three times a week), I'm an avid traveler, and I am an eternal student currently studying to be fluent in Spanish.




My personal style is very classic with a modern flair I would say and I love creating unique experiences for our clients. I am a Type A personality with a passion for all things wedding. In my time with MB I have executed over a dozen events and want to get my hands into anything and everything I can event related. I look forward to meeting you and making your wedding dreams reality. 


Hey! My name is Annie and I am the newest member of Midwestern Bride :) I've been working in non-profit event planning for years and I am so thrilled to be branching into another style of planning. As a recent bride myself I knew I had the passion I just needed to find the right outlet, and the MB was a great fit!




I'm told I am the smiliest gal on the team (which is no easy feat as these girls are the spunkiest bunch of ladies), and I am game for anything. I've recently bought a home in the Milwaukee area but love to work all over the Midwest whenever possible. When I am not planning weddings you might find me chilling with my husband or a tasty glass of wine. Give me a shout and let me walk you through the happiest day of your life and make planning just as fun!